Oct 14, 2013

For the Next Month...

I miss calculated the date of full initialization. It is not NOV 17, it is the run of NOV 18. So, the morning of NOV 19, precipitation and snow predictions will be official.

I am in BETA mode with the site and data visualizations. Fixing bugs and what not as I test. As it is with my coding sometimes, I fix one thing, that thing then brakes something else. LOL. Feel free to participate, run the site and API's through the ringer.

The OSNW3 LRC/ISO/BSR correlations are in genesis stage. In past years, I had not made the data live until the algorithms had locked in. This year I decided to let people watch the patterns/cycle evolve. What you are seeing right now is just a fraction of the patterns that will make up the entire cycle. By mid November each station will have enough data to project through next September.

Because of it being so early in the cyclic pattern genesis, the range selector is offset off the chart, to get around that take the left marker and move to the right, then you'll get the range of half the current cycle duration. Don't forget about the Excel Interactive View. It is all the ensemble data for that station at your finger tips! I have password protected the Excel Interactive View data this year. If you would like access to the ensemble data shoot me an email to get a username and password.

If you find yourself on the site and see something that totally sucks, please let me know!

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