Jul 21, 2014

500mb Rossby Correlation

Finally had a breakthrough in my correlation programming method. I often wonder why these breakthroughs take so much time to come about. Why didn't I think of this before? A long story short, I can now correlate one days worth of soundings in four seconds. Not bad. Still room for improvement. Below are this years sounding correlations in chart format and table format.

500mb Rossby Correlation Chart 01SEP13-20JUL14 (larger chart)

(X = Duration, Y = Correlation Coefficient)

500mb Rossby Correlation Table 01SEP13-20JUL14 (larger table)

(Daily Top 10 Duration)

It is easy to depict that the dominant recurring oscillation is constantly evolving. All of the above jabber stems from THIS and THIS.

Sounding Domain (larger view)

(Keeping it local - OSNW3|WxClimate)

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions on the material presented please let me know. Thanks for reading! More to come.

Jul 1, 2014

500mb Intraseasonal Oscillation Correlation - April through June

The correlation of the 500mb flow over the OSNW3 domain. Y axis is correlation coefficient, X axis is days. Analyzing the oscillations we can apply standing wave harmonics to find the recurring weather patterns based on the dominant ISO component.

500mb ISO Correlation Apr-Jun (larger chart)