Oct 18, 2012

The 2012-13 Cycle - From The OSNW3 Perspective

Finding the "transition" cycle was not easy. It took me over two years to even grasp the thought. The late summer and early fall of 2012 has been a break through season. I have to give credit to Doug Heady and Scott Metsker for assisting me in finding it. It truly does exist. The old 3/4-ish harmonic, below. (32 days)



Take a moment to follow this pattern back/forth through time (click on the images they will open a new tab). It can be a good lesson on how seasonal "twists" evolve. While this is the overly mentioned and often misinterpreted "stare and compare" method of viewing the correlations, to me it is still the preferred method. Unmolested data.

With hints from other theorists, I have been able to personally discover that it is possible to find the new cycle one to two months prior to the core theory, Gary Lezak, rule of October and November. While some will argue, I maintain my stance and make the effort in providing visual proof. Take the maps below for an example (50-ish days)...



Click on the images (they will open a new tab) and move the maps forward in time. A pattern exists six consecutive days until a seasonal twist interrupts the flow in the August pattern. After all, it was August and the waning anti-cyclone of summer was prevalent. Now, take the comparison below (53-ish days), here we are again seeing the same patterns of late summer and early autumn.

(Sep-1, 2012)

(Oct-23, 2012)

I am 99.9% confident that we have met the patterns that will be the cycle of 2012-13. Allowing the patterns to evolve with the season (patience) will harbor a definite and accurate long range forecast probability.

If there are any questions or thoughts on my research and analysis of the LRC or how I presented the material just let me know in the comments section of the blog. Thanks for reading!

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