Jul 20, 2013

Enhancing the Full Blend?

After three years of following ‪LRC‬ patterns, I have come into a lower confidence in a "full blend" when projecting surface temps - http://tiny.cc/osnw3wxclimate. To enhance the model's long range temp accuracy, I've been creating an ‪ISO‬ LRC ensemble. KOSH is my guinea pig. When using ISO LRC to project long range weather conditions it is necessary to "give or take a day or two". The atmosphere is fluid after all. The model provides daily verification. More warm temperatures in ‪‎Oshkosh‬ as August begins? (see image) Interactive charts - http://tiny.cc/koshens and a remainder of summer forecast based on LRC "full blend" - http://tiny.cc/wiwxjulaug

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