Dec 13, 2014

LRC'ers using a different cycle duration? How can this be?

GL sees 41.

DH sees 62.

JN sees 60-63.

I think the LRC/HP was a good starting point a handful of years ago. It helped me realize that things were cycling. Kinda like learning how to dribble a basketball and run at the same time. "Seeing" the "cycle/pattern" just isn't in my vocabulary anymore. I have done my share of research/experimenting based on the core principles of the LRC/HP. I need to keep moving forward.

GL sees 41. DH sees 62. JN sees 60-63. Personally I think it's great. Are they in harmony? Below is a chart showing correlations for each duration mentioned above.

CONUS Correlations

Some Regions are noisy. Coastal usually. Continental a different story. Region 3 is locked in. Closer to the recurring long-term longwave perhaps? (analysis)

Region 3 Correlations

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